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  1. Aug 09,  · phrase If one thing is rejected in favour of another, the second thing is done or chosen instead of the first. The policy was rejected in favour of a more cautious approach. Synonyms: for, backing, supporting, behind More Synonyms of in favour of.
  2. favour meaning: 1. the support or approval of something or someone: 2. to support or approve of something: 3. Learn more.
  3. Favor as Noun: When someone approves, supports or like something or someone, they favor it. Most of the employers favor training. When someone over generously prefers something, they are favoring it.
  4. DEFINITIONS 2 1 supporting a person or something such as an idea or a proposal All those in favor of the motion, please raise your hands.
  5. DEFINITIONS 2 1 supporting a person or an idea, proposal etc that you believe is right Those in favour of the motion, please raise your hands now.
  6. Synonyms for in favor of at cielimnahoubozycimortlogtiodapho.coinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for in favor of.
  7. Synonyms for in favour of include all for, for, pro, approving of, encouraging of, giving backing to, giving support to, right behind, sympathetic to and on the side of. Find more similar words at cielimnahoubozycimortlogtiodapho.coinfo!
  8. Nearly half of people in Germany are in favor of a US plan to withdraw nearly 12, of its troops from the European country, according to a representative survey by the research institute YouGov.

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